Next Step is a Minnesota based, veteran owned, social business that builds men and women with barriers to employment for success in the workforce!

Our mission is to address the social and economic challenges of  people formerly impacted by incarceration or substance abuse, that does not rely on grants or philanthropy, but instead offers services based on market demands that can generate a profit.

Next Step partners with community agencies to provide ongoing soft and hard skills that develop the best possible candidate; one that is reliable, accountable to the community, demonstrates the desire for change and reintegration, and a valuable asset to the employer.

We have a proven workforce, that when given the opportunity, outperforms those without barriers. All of our employees must pass our motivation and attitude assessment before being placed in the workforce. We also provide a guarantee that our employees will not “no call no show” or we will refund the previous weeks’ staffing fee! Read more about our Employer Shield Guarantee!


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